Unlocking Data Science to Build the Future of Work by Mike Hyde

Mike Hyde leads data science and data engineering for Workplace, Facebook’s new enterprise product for company connectivity. He is passionate about using data and insights to create innovative company cultures, so he spoke at ProductTank London about data for growth.

How do we attach data science and analytics to product development and management? There is no “right” answer, but Mike uses three ingredients to optimise his data in Workplace:

  1. Data tooling. Mike believes that a solid data infrastructure should underpin a business’ operations. Fortunately, storing, accessing, and using data is made easier thanks to current modern technologies: in fact, Mike uses Facebook to gain insights on Workplace.
  2. Open data. Mike advocates an open data model, where every department of a business gets access to its data. This gets more people thinking about company findings, and inspires greater aspirations with growth and change. With all hands on deck, companies generate solutions and conclusions far more rapidly.
  3. Flexibility. Making a flexible pipeline of events is beneficial for corporate innovation and change. Businesses can throw various scenarios into the data stack and see what outcomes occur.

In addition to these guidelines, Mike says that multi-disciplinary data teams help promote innovative growth culture in the workplace. Whether data teams are embedded in the business or remain separate or centralised, people with data make businesses bloom.

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